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vol 28(no.1)
feb+mar 2004

An interview with Geoff

Co-author of Men's Ministry, one of the top resources on the topic of speaking to the needs of modern men, Geoff Gorsuch is also a co-founder of the National Coalition of Men's Ministries in the U.S..

A Ministry of the Navigators



Dr. Geoff Gorsuch
Executive Director
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Why are we in Asia?

The apostle Paul, when confronted by the risen Lord, asked two fundamental questions that all men need to ask:

Who are you, Lord?
What would you have me do?

Church leaders here invited us to help their men answer those questions by...

  • Calling Asian men to responsible manhood through conferences and seminars and the development of the Mens's Ministry Network (MMN).
  • Engaging every willing church with the resources and training necessary to foster the development of a sustainable men's ministry which addresses the issues of: family, church, marketplace...and balanced living.
  • Partnering with John Maxwell and Ken Blanchard to develop leaders for the church in Asia. (See below) 

Purpose Statement:

To contribute to the process of building better men  through research, writing, teaching and coaching.

Biblical Foundation:

Preparing men for works of service so that the church may be built up by modeling mature masculine discipleship in South East Asia. (Eph 4:12, Mt 28:18)

Meeting the need for leadership development!

Leadership Asia is a partnership between the Navigators and the "Million Leader Mandate" initiative of Dr. John Maxwell to develop leaders for the church in Asia. Geoff is one of John Maxwell's certified trainers in the region. For more information go to 

To further enhance the possibilities of leadership development Geoff has recently been appointed by Ken Blanchard as a certified trainer for their leadership development program called, "Lead like Jesus." Please see

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